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More Information about the SCHWEIZER S-300C Aircraft
The engineering and dataplate designation for this model is 269C; also used by the FAA. The 300C is a 3-seat piston engine-powered light utility helicopter. Schweizer Aircraft Corporation was licensed by Hughes in 1983 to manufacture and provide product support for the Hughes 269C/300C model helicopter. In 1986, Schweizer bought the rights to this model. When new airframes are reassembled under license by Shanghai Sikorsky Aircraft Company, Ltd. in China from a kit shipped to them by Schweizer Aircraft Corporation, this model's marketing name is the Shen3A. In February 2009, the model name 300C was changed to S-300C to reflect the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation ownership and the creation of their new business unit, Sikorsky Global Helicopters. SCHWEIZER S-300C

Manufacturer : Sikorsky Global Helicopters
Years Built : 1983 - 2015
Serial # Range : S1153 - S
Weight Class/Type : Light - Helicopter
Engines : HIO-360-D1A
Number Of : 1TBO : 1,500HSI : 0
Shaft : 190Thrust : 0
Other SCHWEIZER Aircraft Models for Sale
There are no Other SCHWEIZER Aircraft Models for Sale at this time. 
Argentine Coast Guard Helo Crashes, Two Dead
Pilots Had More Than 10,000 Hours Combined Experience A Schweizer 300C helicopter of the Argentine Coast Guard went down Tuesday on a post-maintenanc...

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Aero Dynamix has announced the issuance of their 22nd FAA-STC certificate
Aero Dynamix has announced the issuance of their 22nd FAA-STC certificate January 21, 2010 The FAA granted STC approval for a Night Vision Lighti...

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Dad Takes Son To First Day Of School In A Helicopter
Unfortunately, He Forgot To Tell The School School officials at East Ridge High in Clermont, Florida, were less than thrilled that Bart Sutherin rent...

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Sikorsky Global Helicopters Delivers S-300C Helicopter To UND Aerospace
7th Sikorsky In The University Of North Dakota Fleet Sikorsky Global Helicopters, a Sikorsky company, recently delivered an S-300C helicopter to UND...

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Longhorn Expands Its Schweizer Helicopter Fleet With Delivery of New 300C(TM) Aircraft
Schweizer Aircraft today announced the delivery of a new 300CTM helicopter to Longhorn Helicopters, a Texas-based flight training school. This new hel...

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